About us

Index Food Company was established in 1988. From the very beginning its main was to import and distribute branded food products and since 1997 its main mission is to promote healthy, culinary and taste benefits of the Mediterranean cuisine. Everything, so that each of us can enjoy the golden olive oils, juicy tuna, original Italian pesto, sophisticated balsamic vinegars, best Spanish olives and grown in Italian sun tomatoes. All of these products create a wide portfolio which allows to create a symphony of flavours characteristic for southern Europe. So that to fully meet the expectations of Polish customers, in 2012 Index Food’s offer was also enlarged for sweets category: Swiss herbal Ricola candies and Mondelez brands (formerly Kraft Foods): original Toblerone chocolates, Daim caramel bars, Ritz crackers and unusual in form chocolate sticks Mikado.

Index Food have the honour to represent exclusively on polish market the following brands: Olitalia, Valfrutta, DeCecco, Arrighi, Grand'Italia, Callipo, Ponti, Serpis, Limmi, Sunquick, Toblerone, Daim, Ricola and starting form June 2014 also Corny and Schwartau